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“buddhi” is synonymous of knowledge, wise, understanding and “belly” is about eating.

You may interpret buddhi belly as “ Wise eating” and it may be hard to pronounce, we just thought it was funny, nothing pretentious, nothing serious ;)

The buddhi belly mascot represents a simple happy person who joyfully lives life, eats healthy,

love art and culture, is cute and funny. 

We serve Premium Soft Serve in Thailand since 2008 emphasizing on

Premium Frozen Yogurt, a healthier alternative to ice cream.

If you love genuine yogurt, you will love buddhi belly and if you don’t like yogurt, you will find it easier to eat than yogurt.  
We didn’t invent Frozen Yogurt, we just made it better, healthier and fun to eat with

fresh fruits, nuts and other quality imported toppings.

* Our Premium Frozen Yogurt is the result of a sophisticated blend of high quality ingredients.
it's made locally with ingredients from high standard local farms.
Our premium frozen yogurt contains live & active cultures 
(Lactobacillus bulgaricus & Streptococcus thermophilus) meaning “good bacteria that help digestion and much more”.
* We are not yogurt ice cream (ice cream with a tiny bit of yogurt and lot of cream) but we are

Premium Frozen Yogurt.
* Yogurt has naturally lower fat than Ice Cream.
* Our Tropical Fruits are sourced locally, the best they can be.
* Our Berries and Kiwis arrive every week directly from New Zealand and USA orchards.
* Our Sauces & Cereals are from Europe and USA.
* Our Mueslis come from a Little Village in Switzerland.
* We regularly have rotating new flavors, such as strawberry, melon, pistachio, mango, peach,...

 Founded in

The Kingdom of Siam

since 2008

© 2023 buddhi belly ltd. all rights reserved.

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