The buddhi belly creartist award

was created to discover true individual artistic talent

Each month, a creartist is rewarded with

a complimentary medium cup combo of

our premium frozen yogurt and posted on



Creartist 2014

 the buddhi belly creartist of the year

is selected among 12 and will receive our special

Prize Award. 

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" a drawing is worth a thousand words "

   How to Participate ?

* Come to one of our store and make a drawing 

   on our complimentary card

* Write clearly the date, your full name and email address

* Submit your drawing to our team member

* Each week, we’ll post a drawing on

* The Best Drawing of the month will be selected by the most Like

* We'll email a voucher to the winner at the end of the month

* Bring it to one of our store with your ID

* Get your Complimentary Original Medium Cup Combo

* Note that your drawing may appear on our promotional

  material. Do not submit if you do not agree.


   Creartist 2013

What our customers

think about us through their talent ?

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